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Simple and powerful

Stand-alone voltage and temperature logger with Wi-Fi connectivity that logs for days

Everything in one box

Analog, temperature & digital

Store 8 analog channels and 6 digital inputs simultaneously to a CSV on an SD-card. Analog channels can also be changed to be used as temperature channels using NTC sensors (8 NTC sensors included)

High resolution, sample rate and large voltage range

Log at a resolution of 12-bits or 16-bits and a sample frequency of 1 to 250 Hz. You can choose between voltage ranges of +/-10V and +/-60V for each channel

Wi-Fi connectivity

Control the Uberlogger using the user-interface over Wi-Fi using its hotspot or by connecting to your own access point. You can also remotely control the Uberlogger via the REST API.

Log for days without additional PC

With a maximum supported SD-card size of 32 GB, you can log data for days, logging slow-varying signals. Uberlogger works fully stand-alone. No PC required!

Analog, temp and digital inputs

Online interface

See live data from all channels online* and scroll, pan and zoom in the chart interface.

* live data refresh rate limited to 1 Hz

Browse through you logged files and download them via Wi-Fi

What our customers think


“I use the Uberlogger for doing long term temperature measurements and it works great! Simple, robust and days of data.”


"We are using the Uberlogger for a variety of applications. From high frequency voltage measurements, digital inputs to temperatures. It's easy, precise and very affordable."

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Uberlogger for education

We give 50% of our profit to our foundation to help children in Guatemala getting education.